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B i o g r a p h y

Chad first fell in love with music at the age of 5 when he saw the Beatle's movie HELP! on television.  Since that evening he has been hooked. Chad began writing songs and playing guitar since that early age.  In Junior High he formed his first band. In High School he played in the popular band Digital Hair. They recorded a 45, and a few cassetts releases. They opened for REO Speedwagon and the Romantics and spent a brief stint in Hollywood CA. In the 1990s he attended and graduated from Columbia College Chicago with a bachelors degree in music business. 

In 1996 Chad began working at the local music shop Front Porch Music. It was a store he was so enamored by the place that he and his wife purchased the business in 2007.  Front Porch Music sells, repairs, and teaches instruments, as well as features concerts and open stages. He was also the owner on the Alley Recording Co. a beautiful and popular studio in Indiana. That recorded many great projects before closing in 2011.

Also in 1996, Chad formed a new band The Crawpuppies. The band has played nearly 2000 shows together.  They have two albums to date 2004s Peaceful Amnesty and 2009s World's Much Bigger. Both albums feature Chad's masterful songwriting and the bands tight musicianship. The band has shared the stage with numerous bands including CCR Revisited, STYX, Sublime, The Counting Crowes, John Waite,  Hanson, Live and Blues Traveler. 


In addition to playing with the band Chad also does several Acoustic shows that feature his originals and selection on the over 500 cover songs he knows. 


Occasionally Chad will reunited with his old pals and do Digital Hair reunion shows. Also he plays with the MegaBeatles who like true Beatle Nerds dissect and recreate the Fab four's music with love and respect. 

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